Established in 1985 as the Istanbul Branch of Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, the Bank became an independent institution under the name Bahreyn ve Kuveyt Bankası A.Ş. in 1991. The Bank’s name was later changed to Garanti Yatırım ve Ticaret Bankası A.Ş in 1992 and to MNG Bank A.Ş. in 1992.

In 2006, Arab Bank and Bankmed acquired 91% of the shares of MNG Bank A.Ş. and the transaction was approved by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) on December 29, 2006. The transfer of the Bank’s shares was completed in January 2007 with Arab Bank and Bankmed owning 50% and 41% of shares respectively. On April 3, 2007, the Bank’s name was changed to Turkland Bank A.Ş. (T-Bank).

At the General Assembly Meeting held on April 15, 2014, T-Bank’s capital was increased from TL 500 million to TL 650 million. As of 2014, the partnership structure of T-Bank is as follows: 50% for Bankmed, 33.3% for Arab Bank and 16.7% for Arab Bank Switzerland.

T-Bank’s vision is shaped by the vast banking experience of its shareholders, Arab Bank and Bankmed, in retail and corporate banking which dates back to the 1930s.

T-Bank capitalizes on the synergy created by its main shareholders. This helps the Bank enhance its activities and become its customers’ preferred financial partner.

Today, T-Bank expands its banking operations focusing on Commercial Banking and continues to provide corporate banking services.



Your privacy is important for us. This is why we are committed to the Turkland Bank A.Ş. Privacy Promise for our customers, which is as follows:

In addition to the information that is legally required, only the information that is considered as necessary to offer the best products and services to our customers is requested by Turkland Bank A.Ş.

The privacy and the security of the information that is received from the customers are the most important criteria that are adopted.

In order to protect the privacy of the customer information, Turkland Bank A.Ş. adopts the rules described below:

Customer information is kept in the security system created by Turkland Bank A.Ş. and only authorized employees who are well-trained on the privacy and proper use of customer information have access to customer information.

Turkland Bank A.Ş. implements the tight security system in order to ensure that no access is given to unauthorized people including employees.

Except requirements related to the applicable legislations and regulations, customer information will not disclosed to 3rd parties without the customer’s consent.

Customer information that might be requested by Administrative authorities and judicial bodies will be disclosed in line with the scope of the regulatory request. Turkland Bank A.Ş. requires the third parties and its employees who provide service to the Bank to comply with the privacy and confidentiality requirements determined by the Bank when handling customers’ data.

Correctness / accuracy of the Information

It is important to ensure that your information is correct and up-to-date.. In case you notice that related information on the account statements or accessed through the internet banking is not correct or up-to-date, please inform your branch, following the guidelines under “Protection of Privacy” below; so that we can correct or update your information on a timely manner.

Protection of Privacy

Regarding the protection of your confidential information, we suggest you to:

  • Check your account balance and bank statements regularly and inform your branch in case of discrepancies,
  • If you suspect that your credentials, passwords or other confidential information is lost; or, stolen by the third party, please immediately inform your branch.
  • In all cases, we recommend not to disclose any of your information if you do not verify the credentials of the counterparty during phone calls or e-mailing, use a secure browser for online banking and close the online applications when not in use.

Turkland Bank A.Ş. will respect your trust and will work to keep the continuity of your trust through fulfilling its commitment specified in the guidelines above. Additionally, we believe that our clients will also demonstrate the required sensitivity for the privacy of the information that they provided to us.

The privacy promise will be updated timely with any changes in the applicable regulations or the internal policy, and will be always checked on the bank website.